General terms & conditions of sale

  1. By placing the order, the buyer accepts the current terms and conditions. The seller’s terms and conditions apply and any contradictory or conflicting buyer clauses shall not be acknowledged.
  2. All our offers are non-binding. Delivery dates are given in good faith. Delivery dates and periods given by us are approximate and no compensation can be sought for any delivery delays. The contract enters into force upon our written confirmation of the order only; any verbal offers made either by our employees directly or via the phone do not constitute any obligation on our behalf
  3. In cases of order cancellation by the buyer, the latter will always be made liable for all expenses and costs already expended, which are set at a flat rate of minimum 25% of the total price of the order. If, at buyer request, we were to retake ordered merchandise as surplus stock, we would be compelled, by way of compensation, to recuperate these goods at 75% of their invoice value, ex our premise address. No returns will be accepted without prior written agreement by us. All complaints regarding delivered goods must be notified to us in writing within 8 days of receipt. Once this time period has expired, no complaints will be entertained.
  4. Our prices and discounts are established in conformance with the economic situation in force at the time. Unless specified otherwise they are valid for 3 months from the offer date. Invoices for a total net amount of less than 250 Euros will be charged a standard rate of 9 Euros to cover administration and transport costs. We reserve the right to revise our prices even during fulfilment of the order if labour, materials or transport conditions change. The price of transport by rail or water or by any other means is given as guideline information only and without any guarantees whatsoever. Our goods are sold and delivered from our warehouses. They travel at the risk of the buyer, whatever the mode of transport utilised, even in cases of free delivery.
  5. Following receipt of an invoice, should no written notification of any claim or dispute be made within 8 days, the said invoice shall be deemed proof of its acceptance ipso jure. Our invoices are payable net and in cash or into our bank accounts, unless agreed otherwise. Invoices not settled by their due dates will be liable automatically and forthwith for interest on arrears at 12% per year with a minimum rate of 25 Euros applicable. Furthermore, the invoice total will increase by a flat-rate amount of 15% with a minimum of 40 Euros applicable to cover debtors’ administration costs. Moreover, non-payment by the due date gives us the right to cancel any outstanding supplies, without formality and subject to compensation.
  6. Our samples are provided only by way of illustration. As a result we do not guarantee conformance of delivered goods with any aforementioned samples. In no cases can we be held responsible for our own suppliers. Our guarantee is limited purely and simply to the replacement of goods acknowledged as defective, excepting all claims relating to ancillary costs. In cases of specific guarantees, the maintenance period starts on the day of delivery. All our lamps and accessories must be installed by an accredited installer and our general conditions of use must be respected. In cases of a latent defect, we specify that we do not manufacture any product whatsoever ourselves and there is, therefore, absolutely no possibility of our having any knowledge thereof.
  7. Notwithstanding art. 1583 of the Civil Code, goods being part of a sales contract remain our exclusive property right up to the moment when the buyer is completely discharged of all his obligations towards us for the main sum as well as interest and costs. However, the risks inherent to supplied goods are for the account of the buyer once delivery has been made.
  8. All contracts are governed by Belgian law. All claims are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Brussels Courts, even in the case of the existence of exchange bills, regardless of where they were issued.

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