Zaxor LED-O, Our new recessed ground lighting much more powerful



Zaxor LED-O,
Our new recessed ground lighting much more powerful !

With the new Zaxor LED-O, BEL Lighting extends its range of recessed ground spotlights with a powerful and compact model that is largely adjustable (360 ° -30 °). The recessed depth varies from 14 cm to 19 cm. This luminaire is available with a dimmable power supply integrated 220-240V or without at your convenience. The heat sink is integrated into the luminaire. The source is a led with COB technology available in series between 330 and 1300 lumens (3.2W to 9.5W) but also from 2700K to 5000K.
Made in Belgium, this IK10 exterior luminaire manufactured by machining process is waterproof IP67 and is available with several variants of square or round plates made of stainless steel or brass.

Zaxor LED-O is an environmentally friendly luminaire with minimal impact on the environment, it is the reliable and robust solution for many commercial or private projects.

Square or round cover plate
With driver 220-240V incorporated
CE – IP67 – 230V – IK10

Without driver (350mA)
CE – IP67 – 350mA – IK10


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